What's Michael? 2

What's Michael? 2

Michael the orange tiger cat returns for another series of vignettes. The sketches this time include a three-part send-up of The Fugitive, the famous 1960's TV show. Richard Kimble is now a veterinarian on the lam (lamb?), running from a false conviction for a murder committed by "a man with overbite." Despite the omnipresent danger, he must stoop and intervene whenever he sees a cat (always Michael) suffering; after treating the patient, he plays a trick on the cat and runs away. (He's a fugitive, after all.) Another sketch draws parallels between wandering husbands and wandering house cats, who seem to have similar proclivities. Two more point out what happens when a cat's instincts run up against the requirements of baseball or pro wrestling. (Source: Orphan Fansubs)

Other names: What's Michael? 2
Status: Completed
Studio: Kitty Films,J.C.Staff
Scores: 6.03 / 9.99
Genre: Comedy
Country: Japan
Episode: 1 / 1
Duration: 44 min
Date release: 1988-07-25
Date aired: 1988-07-25 - 1988-07-25

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