Kirby 3D (Dub)

Kirby 3D (Dub)

Special 3-D animated short based on Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It was released on the Wii channel in Japan. It features the never-before-seen monster named Lobzilla. Fire Kirby makes a special appearance, as does a new Kirby ability exclusive to the short called Kabuki. Seeing that Nightmare Enterprises is active and Dedede's transporter is operative, this episode may have taken place before episodes 96-100.

Other names: Hoshi no Kirby: Taose!! Koukaku Majuu Ebizou (Dub)
Status: Completed
Studio: N/A
Scores: 5.97 / 9.99
Country: Japan
Episode: 1 / 1
Duration: 8 min
Date release: 2009-08-09
Date aired: 2009-08-09 - 2009-08-09

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